New summer ad campaigns

One of the cool things about being a creative director is getting to brain storm a year's worth of work. The down side to that being that it might be a while till any of your work gets released if at all. Four new pieces got to see the light ...

Pizza Fusion Content

New pizza Fusion Ads & Food Photography Posted! Check it out!


Happy 4th of July! Here's a teaser video from all of us state side. GH1–20mm/F1.7 ASPH 7.4.11 from Deny Chang on Vimeo.

Smallville / Show Branding / Toolkit Montage

Smallville / Show Branding / Toolkit Montage from Henry Chang on Vimeo. A rebranding project for TV show Smallville. Project for SCAD Motion Media Packaging class. This is a montage for the rebranding toolkit. This montage contains: Opening Lower third Endpage Credits 5-sec Promo Promo design elements Process Brief: This rebranding project involves weeks ...

NORTH BY NORTHWEST/ Movie Title / Kinetic Type

NORTH BY NORTHWEST/ Movie Title / Kinetic Type / from Henry Chang on Vimeo. North By Northwest Movie Title. Savannah College of Art and Design. Time Based Typographic I. Class assignment.

Crash / Kinetic Type / Motiongraphics

NORTH BY NORTHWEST/ Movie Title / Kinetic Type / from Henry Chang on Vimeo. Savannah College of Art and Design Typographic Project / 01 Dialogue from movie Crash Made in C4D / After effect

Teresa's Concert Items

Teresa's Concert Items This project is to design a package for a 70’s singer Teresa Teng. The concert items are one poster, a CD, tickets, a fan and postcards. Each item is composed of unique style and various color to give audiences a fresh and vintage feel. The singer’s images are ...

Floating Beatbox *Siggraph SpaceTime 2008 Award

I was introduced to camera vision for the very first time in 2008, this was a project that also involved a hack on Wii nunchuck connected to an arduino board. Player jumps to print silhouettes overlapping with sound tracks (representing as circles); it is exciting to see that we can make ...

Soundaroid (prototype) A polaroid camera that captures sound

Project Description “Soundaroid” is an interactive art project that captures the sound of the environment and visualizes it into a form of Polaroid film. A portable device is built as a customized Polaroid camera, and the only difference from a regular Polaroid is that this device captures sounds and the film ...

INTERNAL REFLECTION / Interactive Installation

INTERNAL REFLECTION - A Interactive Installation piece. see more on:​installation/​index.html 4D - group Exhibition SCAD 09 Fall

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