We are a collective of artists with a wide range of talent. We are spread across the world but will always share a common bond.

As a photographer, filmmaker, director, writer and much more, Simon has also published multiple books about his travels and experiences. You can view many of his photographs in various exhibitions around the world, listen to his lectures throughout Europe or catch him at a book signing in Taipei.

Who does number two work for? Deny loves traveling, photography, film, dogs and writing. There are many great stories to be told, experiences to be shared and art to be created, this is who Deny works for.

Kent Chang’s talents range from programming to illustration and everything in between. He is currently working on a mobile app that tracks your daily location habits and maps them in an extraordinary way. He also shares his intriguing perspective through his photography.

Check out Yayi’s latest designs. Her materials and textures reflect ancient cultures with modern styles. From handcrafted leather bags to antique jewelry, everything represents Yayi’s hip and fun travels throughout Asia.

Johnny is a talented designer and photographer. Nicknamed “the bossman” he oversees online marketing and websites as well as working on his personal art projects.

There’s a very good chance you have seen Henry’s work, everywhere. He is an extremely talented artist, from illustration to 3D modeling and CG graphics, Henry works hard. And his personal work are absolutely amazing.

The Accent Studio is a discussion among today’s young and innovative chinese designers working in all sorts of arts and technology. Check out their next youtube webcast or watch some of their past discussions.

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